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Without practice, theory gets you nowhere.

Which is why, at Glion London, our approach places as much emphasis on practical, real-world experience as it does on academic study. It’s also why we’ve established our campus in the center of the world's experience capital, so you can get out there and immerse yourself in everything London has to offer.

We don’t want you standing to the side taking notes, we want you in the front row, close enough to marvel at every brushstroke and feel the vibrations from the lead guitar. In short, to understand first-hand how every little detail combines to make a big experience.

With Glion London, you don’t just learn it, you live it.


It’s no exaggeration to say that London is the global home of sports.

In fact, with a shining beacon of global sporting heritage in nearly every part of the city, there’s no name more fitting.

From the hallowed turf of Wimbledon, to the gleaming arches of Wembley Stadium and the towering stands of Twickenham, London reverberates with the roars of world-class sporting events.

Right at the center, two centuries and not out, sits Lords, the majestic altar of global cricket. And in between all these legendary landmarks, stands a set of stadiums serving up weekly helpings of the most eagerly consumed sports product on the planet – the English Premier League.


It’s clear by looking at the breathtaking contours and futuristic arenas of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, site of the most spectacular Olympic and Paralympic games ever staged, that London is investing in building arenas that are fit for the future of sport.

As a sporting powerhouse, London blows the competition away.
Do you want to be part of it? The ball’s in your court.


London’s vast array of venues has ensured that when it comes to world-class events, it continues to stand apart.

From the dancing crowds at the O2 Arena to the devoted connoisseurs at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, London lays on a musical spread to please every palate.The neo-industrial hangars of the Tate Modern along with the cathedral-like halls of the National Gallery show that this is a city that worships colour and composition.

And the crowds are also drawn to London’s theatre land, where an array of artists perform over 200 shows a night for their delectation. With Glion London, you can explore every one of these places, learn what makes them tick and make your career an event worth getting on the guest list for.


In our leafy corner of the Roehampton University campus, Downshire House is a totem of English refinement. But across the Thames, things get a little more lively.

With world-famous galleries, stadiums, museums and music venues galore on our doorstep, Glion London is right in the thick of the action. Not only that, but our innovative curriculum, experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities are set up like no other academic institution to make your dream career in hospitality a reality. We'll give you a deep understanding of the fundamentals of hospitality. From conception to culmination, you'll gain practical hands-on knowledge of every component part that creates an incredible experience.

Glion London really is the best of both worlds.


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