The true center of Luxury


Whatever the heart desires, London delivers

Visitors come here from all over the world to sample, soak up and savor all the experiences this magnificent city has to offer. And nowhere is London’s vibrancy, vivacity and verve more elegantly embodied than in its booming luxury industry. From the galleries of Mayfair to the tailors of Savile Row, from the jewelers of Bond Street to the hotels of Park Lane, London is one of the world’s leading luxury destinations.

Some of these institutions have been around for centuries. But they’re having to adapt to a seismic change.


For today’s and tomorrow’s luxury client, simply providing an outstanding product or superior service is no longer enough. Brands are now expected to deliver an extraordinary experience to go with it.

It’s a new standard in luxury. And to help them rise to it, elite brands are increasingly looking to a new generation of talented hospitality and luxury management professionals. People who haven’t just learnt about luxury, but lived it. People with business acumen and impeccable hospitality credentials.

Precisely the sort of people we’ll help you to become at Glion London.


London has 190,000 millionaires and 140 billionaires. And the superrich individuals who don’t call London home love to visit and stay in style in this thriving capital of luxury. It’s a good thing, therefore, that London has more five-star hotels than any other city on earth. Not to mention a glittering constellation of Michelin stars.

The luxury and hospitality sectors are becoming increasingly inseparable as luxury brands seek to go beyond products or services by creating sensational experiences for clients. At Glion, we spotted this crossover early, which is why, at our London campus, you won’t just become luxury and hospitality experts. You’ll learn how to design and deliver exceptional client experiences, making you a prized asset in this new-look industry.

Does this appeal? Then in the spirit of luxury hospitality, we have only one thing left to say:
“Make yourself at home.”


True luxury is not about appearances. It’s about experiences.

It’s about helping clients with a penchant for the finer things live boldly and beautifully. Filling their days with elegance, originality and art. That’s why we’re seeing new luxury experience brands entering the market and more traditional names weaving brand experience into their offerings and business strategies.


With Bulgari making forays into the hotel business and Louis Vuitton opening a three-storey townhouse inside iconic Oxford Street department store Selfridges, it’s clear that luxury businesses want their customers to live and breathe their brands.

As the experience epicenter of the earth, London leads the way when it comes to creating scintillating sights, sounds and sensations for the cream of the world’s consumers. And at Glion London, we’re similarly pioneering when it comes to delivering an immersive, hands-on learning experience that prepares you for a leading career in luxury.


Luxury is changing because its clients are.

With the digital economy propelling millennials to early affluence, today’s average luxury client is younger than ever. This is particularly true of London, with its vibrant cultural community and growing population of wealthy young tech entrepreneurs.

These clients don’t just demand exquisite items, they expect exceptional experiences. Indeed, research tells us that 78 per cent of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over a desirable product.

So it’s no surprise London’s five-star brands are leading the global shift to a new luxury landscape shaped by the demand for innovative and inspiring experiences. Nor that Glion London’s approach places such an emphasis on preparing you to craft and curate those experiences.

As well as broad industry perspectives and a deep understanding of what makes a luxury brand, you’ll leave us with a customer-centric way of thinking and the sort of progressive approach to hospitality experience that prepares brands are crying out for.


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